We just got home last night from spending a couple days staying over at our good friend’s, the Chute’s house. It was so good. I was going through Sarah withdrawals. We played, we ate, we swan, we baked, we laughed. I loved it. Regan took a few days off and we went as a family. It made me really happy! But I don’t have anything fun to show you today because of it! ūüôā I pre-did my last three posts… but not today’s.

I am LOVING the marvelous things posted this month on the lovely Dana has been sharing. Go check it out!!!

On Saturday as I was just finishing up an engagement shoot my camera fell. On to gravel. And completely broke the flash BAD. And my nice lens was hanging off the camera body a bit. After sending the couple home i was in a bit of a panic since I had a wedding to go shoot in on hour (and it was 45 minutes away). I kind of got the body fixed up (the lens is fine – Hallelujah!!!!) But I had to borrow a camera (a Canon – thanks Lindsay!! which I didn’t really know how to use.) I had mine looked at that day but something is fishy with it now and I have to get it fixed up since I have lots more shoots booked in the next few weeks. YES I was freaking out. YES it was horrible. It still makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach!!! But the wedding shoot turned out good. And no they had no idea.