Me: “Do you want another pancake?”
Lucy: “Hey I know a Sarah! There’s one in my class.”
Me (confused at how she made that jump): “Did you know that’s Kenzie’s mom’s name, Sarah?”
Lucy: “So there’s TWO Sarahs??”
Me: “Yeah there’s lots, it’s a popular name.”
Lucy: “I know why, cause it rhymes with Syrup.”
Lucy: “I’ve got 2 spences”
Me: “You’ve got what?”
Lucy: “2 spences, see?” (Holding out two nickels to me)
Me: “Lucy, that’s 10 CENTS, cause each one is worth 5 CENTS each?”
Lucy: “No i’ve got 2, 2 spences!”

Alden: “Mom, take my picture like this…”
So i take it.
Me: “Why?”
Alden: “I just thought it would be cool!”

I am behind on posting my 365 pictures.
But not behind on taking them!!
This week an update for SURE!


I was missing my sister Kelly a lot this week.
When I am lonely I miss her more!