RAS Retreat

This past weekend we went up to Bragg Creek (well just outside of Bragg Creek) to the RAS (Rural Alberta South) retreat. It was a mix of fun company and activities, horrible sleeping, beautiful scenery, doctors learning, loads of food, lots of kids and a crazy drive home that took us over 4 hours, lots of prayer and driving as slow as 5 km/ hour with Regan watching out his side to see the yellow line and me watching out mine to see the white. I took lots of pictures (I know you are TOTALLY surprised!) Thought I’d share a whole lot of them.

Alden tried for his first time with his dad on our weekend away. He thought it was hard but fun. It was FREEZING cold so I was super proud of him for doing it (he’s not a cold kid!)
jan 8: Cross country skiing
Lots of sledding!
Sledding fun
Just watching
Jan 7 - Sledding
RAS Retreat
Our view in the day
The Road home
Lucy playing in the fort she build.
And Eli outside wandering (what he does best)
Outside kids
Cloe going fast (well not really) but panning is coool (and hard to focus!)
Speed Skater
Lots of hockey going on at our retreat
The retreat we went to was for all the residents in our residency program. They spend all of one day learning about outside winter care.
Drs Learning
Just out from our camp was this beautiful view. This was at 11 at night so it was pitch black out, but I used my tripod and had a long shutter and got this.
Night view
Smores in the freezing cold winter. It was fun (but cold!)
The bonfire
What did YOU do this past weekend?


8 thoughts on “RAS Retreat

  1. I did the same thing as you!!!! Hehehe It was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? I’m glad you took some pictures, because my arms seemed to always be full of baby or something so I didn’t really get any pictures…you’ll have to send me copies 🙂

  2. Nothing. I did nothing. And I love Bragg Creek but I hate the cold. If I could go to a retreat and stay inside and read then that is what I would have wanted to do. Better you than me sister!

  3. Im so glad you got home safe and sound… I hate white out conditions its so scary… and all the driving to come home to a cancelled chruch.. Well your weekend was much better then mine I puked all weekend! lovely hey!

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