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My friend Brooke links up articles that relate to photography each week and I really love it. I’ve thought about doing it for a while and well today I’m not just thinking about it, but doing it!

1. Love loved this lesson here about printing photos. SO true. In fact we got pictures taken when Eli was small and the DVD got lost and  then just recently found and guess what? It’s all scratched and it wouldn’t load in my computer. Totally makes me sad. I have some printed but I’d still love access to them!! Print your pictures!!’

2. Some great tips here about shooting selfies. Something totally scary and thrilling to me.

3.  Speaking of Brooke, she did a GREAT post about a topic I’ve thought a LOT about. I know I’ve taken some time off for my baby but I’ve thought about not shooting anything paid for a year. Taking a break from it all and just falling in love with photography. Saving the best for my family.

4. A free cheat sheet about family photography here.

5.  An interesting article about your about page, which made me think I need to change mine 🙂