Reeves Family

I’ve got a lovely family to share today. First of all, this family had never had pictures taken of them. Well that’s just crazy. Everyone should have their pictures taken as a family. I totally think there is great value in documenting who you are as family. I was looking back today of my childhood photographs and i love them even more as I age. What a treasure they are. The clothing styles, the hair, all of it tells a story about your family. So I hope when I take someone’s family pictures I am documenting them in a way that in 20 years they will look back fondly on where they were and who they were together.

Tasha and Dave are two totally lovely people.┬áThis family makes our small town a better place. Tasha is one of the MOST involved volunteering people I know. She’s always giving and doing for others and for our community. She’s energetic and funny and just a ball to be around. Love the light she shines with others. Dave is a quiet, calm good man. Doing good in his own quiet way. And they are raising a whole house of fun good kids. Raymond is so glad to have this family here.
Is this girl not a DOLL or what?!

The oldest Joe is leaving soon for his mission for 2 years so it’ll be a while until they are all together again. So happy I could do this for them despite the piles of mud we waded through we had lots of fun. Such a great family!

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