This morning I am participating in a HUGE link up all centered around Red, White and Blue featuring 110 bloggers. Kinda a fun thing to do!  There are some REALLY fun projects, food, printables and other celebratory things to check out! Since I am Canadian, I wanted to share something Canadian 🙂 A fun outside activity for kids or adults.

This is a simplified summer time version of a truly Canadian game!  If you want to know the REAL rules of curling and how it works you can go read all about Curling and Canada here.

For prep work all you need to do is get some plastic throw away cups. Fill them up about half way some with red water and some with blue water.  (As in use some liquid food coloring!) Then put them on a cookie sheet (so they don’t spill) and put them in the freezer overnight.


Then take those suckers outside and pop them out of the cups. Sometimes they don’t slip out easily so you just crack the cups and they will pop out and you can throw away the cups.


You do want to have an even number of “rocks”. (We had one more in a cup still when I took this shot).


Then using sidewalk chalk you want to draw a set of rings on the road or sidewalk or parking lot.


You sit down on the ground and slide your rocks towards the middle ring.  The goal is get as many rocks as you can touching the middle circle. You can knock them out of the way by bumping the other teams out of the way.


Some of the smaller kids had a hard time sliding them as far so we let them move up.

RLS_1062The funny thing is the kids hands turned a little blue and red from the water. But it washes away 🙂

Since we have a pretty quiet street we let the kids do it right in the middle of the road.


The kids loved when the rocks hit each other and broke apart.


We had a little game of Canada vs USA but by the end the boys were just trying to smashing each other… hahaha


And there is an easy and really simple game you can play to celebrate the First or the Fourth of July!


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