So I collect cookbooks and I have for quite a few years. Sometimes I own one for a while and then realize it’s not really one I use or love. And then there are other ones that I have for a long time and I love them. I might not use it for a while and then I’ll pick it up again and I’ll find something I love in about 20 seconds. These lovely little cheesecakes are from a great cookbook that I have had for quite some time called “Divine indulgences” by the amazing Rose Reisman. I have a couple of her cookbooks (Divine Indulgences and The Complete Light Kitchen) and I’ve read more (Family Favorites¬†and Weekday Wonders) and every single one I love. The great thing about Rose’s recipes is that they are healthy.

Rocky Mountain Mini Chocolate CheesecakesNow I think health is important, but I don’t like sacrificing taste for health. I love food and I think it’s one of the great parts of life. Well, Rose’s recipes make great food and surprise – it’s healthy too. Any of the recipes I’ve made out of Divine Indulgences are awesome and taste like dessert should taste. Not that I’m-trying-to-be-healthy-but-I-still-want-something-sweet kind of dessert (that often taste like you’re eating your shoe). Just good! This one is like that. You can’t tell that it’s low fat at all. So you can have three. ūüėČ

Rocky Mountain Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes

So here it is:


Give them a try and you’ll love them and go check out this great cookbook too!

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