I am doing a project where each month I capture our family doing something or being somewhere together. You can see my past months here. This is April:


Highlights & Lowlights of April:

  • Dinner club at the Metz house with the theme “healthy”
  • Date night at the Keg
  • Soccer trying to start
  • Huge blizzard at end of month
  • Lucy’s first Orthodontist appointment
  • Waterton family trip
  • Eli & Alden having a sleep over with cousins in Hill Spring
  • General Conference
  • Mom attending Time Out for Women in Lethbridge
  • G & G Steed coming home from vacation
  • Brooke & her kids coming down for a visit
  • Seeing Kim Corie on her visit down from Edmonton
  • Alden doing Football camp
  • Space Day at Preschool for Eli with Mom and Norah
  • Mom teaching a photography class in Lethbridge
  • Having the Chutes come down a give a presentation on home building