My friend Heather has done a project I am going to do this year. Every month I’m going to take a picture of our whole family. Hopefully some of them will be doing things that our family will do together. Not all of us just lined up on the couch. But this month, since Norah is new and small, lined up on the couch was just right. (And MAN my kids were being stinkers….. well Lucy was a stinker and Eli was mostly sleeping!!) I am going to try and post them on the last day of the month. Or at least close too the last day.


Highlights from January:

  • Norah’s birth ūüôā
  • Dad taking a week off to be at home after Norah’s birth
  • getting the bedrooms all ready for Norah’s arrival
  • Visiting with family and friends
  • Celebrating Ukrainian Christmas at Brad and Whitney’s
  • Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Davis’
  • Having Grandma Davis come and sleep over at our house
  • Surviving the flu (went through almost the entire family)
  • Sledding with Steed cousins
  • Alden reading the book and then getting to watch Harry Potter 2
  • Eli and Lucy having a sleep over in HillSpring
  • Celebrating Grandpa Steed’s birthday
  • Visiting Grandma Steed at the hospital
  • Lots of playing outside in all the snow
  • Nichole coming over and taking some pictures of us all
  • The kids seeing Norah for the first time