SnowShoeing in Waterton

Just before Christmas Regan and I were lucky enough to get a day to go snow shoeing in our favorite place, Waterton. A year or so ago I gave Regan snow shoes for Christmas. And then for my birthday this year, he gave me a set. And finally we had time to go out together and use them. It was a great day. Not a lot of people. Just beautiful scenery.

We are total photo nerds together. 😉 Him with his iPhone and me with my big camera (and sometimes my iPhone too!) And we stop and enjoy the beauty around us lots as we go. It’s a lovely way to enjoy nature.


I love that we can go do outdoor things together. Hopefully when our kids are a little bigger we will be able to take them too, but for now it is a fun thing that we can do together. I think one of the ways to keep a marriage healthy and strong is to do things together, when we are able to find time to just be together and remember that we are a couple in love and that’s how our family began.


And why wouldn’t we want to enjoy the beautiful creations all around us too!


The older I get the more I find peace and fulfillment in nature. I love it outside and especially in the mountains.


Such a good day with such a great guy! How lucky am I?!

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  • January 5, 2015 - 1:00 pm

    Kristyn - I went snowshoeing for the first time two years ago and loved it. Then we went last year before I was pregnant in Montana. My hope is to get out and do it more next winter (with my Mr.) when I don’t have a nursing baby. I have appreciate nature way more the older I get. We live in such a beautiful area! That’s one thing I love about photography it makes me really look at nature and things around me in a different way. (a good one)I just love to soak it all in.