Just before Christmas Regan and I were lucky enough to get a day to go snow shoeing in our favorite place, Waterton. A year or so ago I gave Regan snow shoes for Christmas. And then for my birthday this year, he gave me a set. And finally we had time to go out together and use them. It was a great day. Not a lot of people. Just beautiful scenery.

We are total photo nerds together. ūüėČ Him with his iPhone and me with my big camera (and sometimes my iPhone too!) And we stop and enjoy the beauty around us lots as we go. It’s a lovely way to enjoy nature.


I love that we can go do outdoor things together. Hopefully when our kids are a little bigger we will be able to take them too, but for now it is a fun thing that we can do together. I think one of the ways to keep a marriage healthy and strong is to do things together, when we are able to find time to just be together and remember that we are a couple in love and that’s how our family began.


And why wouldn’t we want to enjoy the beautiful creations all around us too!


The older I get the more I find peace and fulfillment in nature. I love it outside and especially in the mountains.


Such a good day with such a great guy! How lucky am I?!

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