SouthWest Alberta Ambassador

So a few weeks ago I got contacted thru instagram by SouthWest Alberta and asked if I wanted to participate in a summer program promoting Southern Alberta called Bucketlist AB. Wateron Lakes National Park
If you’ve read my blog at ALL for any amount of time you’d know I love Southern Alberta and we love exploring the area as a family.

I think there are SO many fun things to do here, especially family friendly things. We live in a very beautiful place of the world and I am a big big fan of it. So it was a BIG yes from me.  (My hubby Regan wrote my bio for me cause I’m terrible at writing them about myself!!)

You can see more about the other storytellers/ ambassadors over here and there is even lots of Southern Alberta stuff to see over on the Explore South West Alberta website.  I will be sharing lots of stories and places to see over the next 6 months. Especially on my Travel Instagram account @justrhondaleetravels.

I started this one separate from my regular one @justrhondalee cause I had so many landscaping pictures to share. And now it’s where I share most of them. All of this Southwest stuff will be on this account probably.

I get to focus particularly on both the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens (which is awesome because that was my first job out of college) and the Bird’s of Prey (which my kids love!). There are lots of cool things that happen at both of those places and I’ll be sharing and photographing lots at them. (Did you know you can go and watch a Japanese Sword martial art demonstration! Cool!! That’s new to me!)

Look at cute Alden in 2010 holding an owl at the Bird’s of Prey Centre!

I’ll obviously still be sharing lots of Waterton. It’s a big place we go a LOT. But also our summer plan is to spend a lot of time exploring southern Alberta and discovering more with our kids about this great area where we live.

I hope you’ll join me online and you’re welcome to actually join us and visit all these places. It’ll be a fun summer activity!!

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  • May 3, 2017 - 6:35 am

    Charmaine Puzey - Very cool. Can’t wait to see all your pictures and posts.

  • May 4, 2017 - 6:56 am

    Lorrie Gramllich - Just love the moments you share. Highlights of the day.