I believe that we are all children of a Heavenly Father and because of that that my children are in fact my spiritual brothers and sisters that have been loaned to me for a time here on earth. A time that I can try and perfect how to parent and how to relate and love other people better.

I believe that there is nothing harder or more rewarding that being a parent. It is a magnifying glass to my imperfections and weaknesses that gives me a chance each day to try harder and do better.

I believe that there are as many ways to mother as there are children. And that no one on earth is perfect at parenting.

I believe that our Heavenly Father knows our children better than us and that He will help us in our parenting as long as we ask, search and follow guidance from Him.

I believe that we all lived in a pre-mortal existence before we came to earth together and that we had distinct personalities and characteristics that we brought to this earth. Because of that my role as a mother is not to mold my children into what I think they should be, but to help them discover their talents and strengths and learn how to deal with their struggles.

I believe women are born with specific roles in relation to children, whether they are lucky enough to have children or not, that means that women are called to nurture, love and care (called mothering) for children. There are children all around us that need love and support and parents who need love and support.

I believe that these children of mine are sealed to me for time and all eternity through the power of the Priesthood through the ordinances from the temple.

I believe that there is nothing of more importance that I will ever do in my life than be a wife and a mother. Everything else is gravy on top of those roles.

may 4 - Mother's Day Celebration
11:34am: Alden & Me