“This week is one that always makes me pause and reflect and take stock of my life. This year even more than usual as, ten years ago Kelly had her accident. So, ten years ago we spent the week wondering if we were going to be able to keep her or if we’d have to let her go. TEN YEARS AGO!

My thoughts have been about “What have I accomplished in the last ten years to bring me closer to being worthy to be able to be reunited with Kelly some time in the future?” Am I more the person God wants me to be? I’ve thought about what has happened during that time—the ups, the downs, the trials, the blessings and my response to them. Have I shown faith and trust in God? Have I been teachable? Have I repented quickly when I’ve made mistakes? Have I LISTENED to the Spirit and been directed by Him? Have I loved and served my family and those around me? Have I been forgiving of others? Have I followed the counsel of the prophet? Have I lived up to my baptismal and temple covenants? If called Home today, how would I feel about facing God and reporting to Him on how I lived my life?

It’s a very sobering experience to spend significant time and effort answering those questions. Doing this has once again made me SO grateful for a loving and patient Heavenly Father who is mindful of each of us, willing and anxious to accept our sincere efforts to day by day become better people. I’m SO grateful that He’s so willing to forgive us when we make mistakes. I’m SO grateful that our Savior made this forgiveness possible.

I’m SO grateful for the support system that Heavenly Father created in our families and in the organization of the church. He knew that we couldn’t get through all the tests, trials and temptations of this life without a good strong support system. That’s why we have each other to lean on. We were never intended to get through the challenges of this life alone. It’s just TOO DARN HARD!!

We are SO blessed to have each other. We’re SO blessed to be members of the church and have access to all the blessings that come with it. We’re SO blessed to have a prophet to guide us. We are SO blessed to live in this beautiful free country with so many advantages. We are SO blessed! Please take a few moments to remember……. “
– My mom

Perhaps you haven’t lost someone you love, but these are still good questions to ask.
Loon on the Lake