Steed Family Bakery Sign

You know my cupboard doors I got??
And how I made this star fish for my bathroom???

Well I made this too….
A chalkboard for my kitchen

And a family sign as well. 🙂
I love my sign 🙂 A lot.
I hand painted it. And then distressed it after to make it look old. 🙂 I got the idea here.

Both SUPER easy!!! And super cheap 🙂


14 thoughts on “Steed Family Bakery Sign

  1. I totally adore the bakery sign and I am quite jealous! I may have to make one…maybe, but I should just have you make one for me!:0) Good Work my friend!

  2. That sign is so cool – and totally appropriate for your house! You just keep on inspiring me with all your craftiness!

    Thanks for the heads up on Noel C’s giveaway – I would have missed it (that’s what happens when you follow too many blogs!). I feel like Christmas just came early :))

  3. Fun!!! I also just checked out your previous post, I can’t wait for Gabby to get older and for us to have more home to decorate 😀 You totally inspire me!

  4. I think the Bakery sign is totally cute and adorable. You are some awesome crafty Mom. I wish I knew how you do it all.

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