In the summer we had a big steed get together. One where all my FIL’s sibs and their kids stayed together. We were only missing 3 people. Which was pretty good. I shared some nature shots from that trip, but not a lot of people shots. So here are some of those.
This is everybody who came.
The whole Steed gang (-3)
Early morning Sadie and some Sunday afternoon games
Sadie & Bochie Ball
The inside of the old schoolhouse great grandpa steed taught in and lovely little Melia
The old house and Melia
Lucy really wanted to try on Uncle Murray’s hat and finally got too.
Lucy the cowgirl
Classic Uncle Nolan
Classic Uncle Nolan
Grandpa and Eli walking down to the original homestead of Grandpa’s dad’s growing up home
3 Generations later
The walk into the homestead
Family Hike
Gavin and Clare
Gavin and Clare
Lucy just love love loves Melia (look at them holding hands) and the barn
New best friends & the barn
See what I mean?
Lucy and Melia
Thanks to Aunt Deb there was lots of fun stuff for the kids to do
Craft time
Lovely Gab who needs to move closer to home
Derek helping Alli dunk in Waterton lake
Coooool mountain water
The shock
Beach treasures
It was so much fun to spend time with each other!
Something I hope we do more often!