I follow Ali Edwards on Instagram and I’ve read her blog for over 10 years. She just did a rebrand of her website. On her instagram she was asking people why stories matter to them. And since I read that it’s been on my mind. I’ve been thinking about it on and off for a week almost.


Stories matter to me because I want to remember. I want to remember family. I want to remember who I was. I want to remember where I’ve been. I want to remember what I’ve overcome. I want to remember good memories and hard memories and special memories so that one day when I’m old I can look back and remember. I’m a fairly forgetful person and often when I try even remember small details in my life it’s hard and I don’t it’s not something that comes easily to me and so because of that I want to remember. Stories matter to me because I matter.  I matter and my family matters and my individual outlook on life matters.

Stories Matter to Remember

I have lots of stories recording in various ways. Traditional scrapbooks. Blurb Books.
 Stories preserved
And Project Life albums now. All these stories matter to me. And to my kids.
 Looking at PL
I want to remember stolen moments how my children spoke when they were little phrases they used. Recently I found a little notebook that I had used when Alden was small. In it I had just written down funny things he said. The same kind of silly things I wrote down for Eli in his Eli-ism mini Album.  I wish now that I had done that for the two oldest. But I will do it for Oliver and Norah when they get that age.
 The notes left on my pillows in the mornings.
love notes
And found in my sketch books. These are the moments that help me when Im feeling overwhelmed or things are hard. And they are the things that will bring my happiness and joy and a smile to my face when my children are grown and gone.
Love notes 2
I want to remember the first time Lucy made cookies all by herself. And that she decided all on her own to do it. Then she did it and as soon as she was done she got plates and delivered them to the neighbors.
 Lucy's First Time making cookies aloneI want to remember spiritual experiences how it felt when I got an answer to prayer. I want to remember quiet moments of testimony that grow. I want to remember how my children reacted when we told them something exciting with happening or when there was a big change in our family. I want to remember inside jokes and conversations with Regan.
And small experiences with each child.
Remember when
 All of these little moments big and small that make up my life for all of the things that I want to remember and through writing down my stories and preserving my life through words and pictures and objects I can keep my stories and my life documented. Stories matter. It is one of the things that gets passed on from generation to generation.  I think it’s fun to make them pretty and add stickers and cute paper. But that’s not the only way to tell stories. Just get them written down.
Stories matter. All of our stories matter.
Just Rhonda
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