I love the freedom of summer and how we can just veg one day and do fun outside activities. But I also want my kids to accomplish something during the 2 months we have off school. I was talking to a mom of older kids who I admire a lot and she was telling me what she did with her kids when they were small and I thought it was a great idea!! So I’ve adapted her idea a bit and that’s what I’m sharing with you today!
Summer is a great time to do lots of fun things and it’s also a time to learn new life skills. For this year I wanted to teach my kids and motivate them with something fun. So I’ve made a little booklet that we will print out for each one.
fun in summer booklet
It has different sections or areas that I thought the kids could use work or set goals in. The different sections are
  • Physical and Outdoor Skills
  • Spiritual
  • Education
  • Life Skills
  • Talents and Creativity
  • Family Relations and Kindness
Some of the items can be done every day (so they are worth 5 – 10 points) but some will take more time and commitment (read a 100-120 page book) or are a one time deal (like running in a race).  Each night they will add up their points in the booklet. When they reach 200 points they get a prize from the summertime fun box.
Up high in my closet is this basket. I filled it with things my kids will love. Things to do, books to read, some treats, etc. Some from the dollar store and some books from Costco.
 Here is Alden working in his.
You can download the booklet as a pdf and just print it off or you can download the word document and change some of the list to suit your own family.
This post was originally a guest posting over at Occasionally Crafty in their great Fun in the Summertime Series.

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