The other Sunday we had early church and so we headed up to Waterton right after we came home. We packed out picnic before church and headed up there. It was a little windy, but SUCH a nice lovely day up there. Obviously we weren’t alone in thinking that because there were a LOT of Raymondites up there! This was how we spent our time šŸ˜‰

My kids love being here. And this is totally one of our usual stops. Especially on windy days. It’s warm and shielded from the wind a bit add in the creek and rocks to through and it’s a perfect place to go.


My kids LOVE just throwing rocks into the water. Lucy spent a lot of time identifying wildflowers with her dad. The boys and Norah just threw LOTS of rocks. Lots and lots.

I like to keep a coat for everyone in our van and even sometimes extra pants too. Because sometimes it ends up a little cooler than you thought or someone gets wetter than they hoped (that didn’t happen this time but it totally happens!) Keeping a picnic blanket always in is a good idea too!

We saw four different bears that day so it was a GREAT bear day!


Cutest baby cub walking around.


I asked some guy on the docks to take our picture and I’m really happy I did. (And isn’t Alden becoming a GIANT?! He’s almostĀ as tall as me and he’s only 12! He’s defiantly got those Davis genes kicking in!)

One of my very very very favorite spots in Waterton. I love this road!

Really it is one of my favorites. I’m excited about a whole summer ahead for lots of time to explore!