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As we are, with you: 03-16

Month three of my year long challenge to get into more photos with my kids. I’m playing along with friends thisView full post »

Back to School 2015

Last year I started the new family tradition of a Back to School Feast. This tradition was started by the totallyView full post »


We just spent a few days in Montana with some cousins. My kids really are lucky that they get to see cousins from bothView full post »

15 on the 15th – Aug

First off I have to say Happy Anniversary to Regan. It’s 14 years today that we got married. And what a lovelyView full post »

An evening at the Lake

Grandma and Grandpa Steed have a  boat. And one evening we all went out to the lake. And we invited two Davis cousinsView full post »

5 Minutes

On the trampoline with my kids. These are the moments I want to capture of my kids. In 20 years, these small simpleView full post »

15 on the 15th: May

As with every month you can check out my friend Tracy’s day over here and if you join us doing this I’dView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. Mother’s Day came and went. Regan took all the kids into Lethbridge the night before to buy me a present and IView full post »

5 on the 5th

I love photography projects. I think they are helpful in keeping things fun and fresh and helping me to keep improvingView full post »

10 on Tuesday

10 Moments to remember from the past week: 1. Oliver and Norah “reading” together in the tent I madeView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. Watching this girl fly through almost the entire Harry Potter series in one week. She’s got two booksView full post »

5 Minutes

5 minutes with Alden and his favorite thing.View full post »

10 things

10 things to remember from this past two weeks! (Since I missed last week!)   1. 5 Minutes where I made Eli stayView full post »

One Little Word: 2014

I’ve thought about my word a lot. And one day it totally came to me out of the blue. One of my greatView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. I am grateful for supportive friends and family. 2. Isn’t the nice weather kind of awesome?! I think *fingersView full post »