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Cat Birthday Party: Norah at 4

Norah turned 4. And she (mostly because of her older siblings ideas) decided that she needed a birthday party withView full post »

Oliver’s Puppy Birthday Party

I decided last week to throw together a little party for Oliver. It’s his birthday on the 15th and Regan and IView full post »

Lucy’s World Fair Birthday Party

I love throwing little girl parties!! They are so up for anything! This party I could have kept going for 5 hours! ButView full post »

Oliver’s Monster Party

Oliver just turned 3. And I did a little party for him. It was simple and only 3 friends came (with their moms). JustView full post »

Eli’s Dragon Party

I knew months ago that Eli should have a Dragon Party. If you are friends with me on Facebook then you have probablyView full post »

Lucy’s 8th Birthday Party

Well Lucy had her joint party with her cousin Alli. Since it was for 2 girls we did it in the JR school gym. WhichView full post »

Celebrating 2

Just thought I’d add a little of the tidbits of Oliver’s “party” (aka Fancy sunday dinner). IView full post »

Eli’s Pirate Party

Eli turned 5. And he wanted a pirate party. And I really got into it. It was tons of fun planning it all. And I hadView full post »

Alden’s Lego Party

This boy has his birthday party a week or so ago and I thought I’d share what we did. His love for lego hasView full post »

Lucy’s Pajama-o-rama Party

Lucy and I talked about all different ideas for her birthday party and she kept changing her mind. I gave her aView full post »

Oliver’s Owl Birthday Party

We had a pretty low key party for little Oliver. With family. It was just right. But I did want to show you how I madeView full post »

10 on Tuesday: 1 Years Old!

This little man is one. Can you believe it?? This year has gone by so fast. 10 things about Oliver at one: 1. OnlyView full post »

34 Things about Regan

Since today is Regan’s Birthday I thought I’d do a list of 34 things I love about him. (that’s howView full post »

Eli’s 4th Birthday: Super Heros

Eli had his fourth birthday a couple weeks ago and I thought I’d share what we did. It really was a prettyView full post »

When I grow up: Lucy

This is Lucy. She is 6 years old. Technically she is six and a half. She is my daughter. When Lucy grows up she wantsView full post »