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5 on the 5th

I love photography projects. I think they are helpful in keeping things fun and fresh and helping me to keep improvingView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. Watching this girl fly through almost the entire Harry Potter series in one week. She’s got two booksView full post »

5 Minutes

Eli is not a kid to stay home. He is all about where the friends are and who he can play with. So making him play withView full post »

10 things

10 things to remember from this past two weeks! (Since I missed last week!)   1. 5 Minutes where I made Eli stayView full post »

One Little Word: 2014

I’ve thought about my word a lot. And one day it totally came to me out of the blue. One of my greatView full post »

Eli-isms: A Project Life Mini Album

My 5 year old is quite a character. He is, as we like to call him, the spice in our family. And the things he comes upView full post »

Eli’s Pirate Party

Eli turned 5. And he wanted a pirate party. And I really got into it. It was tons of fun planning it all. And I hadView full post »

Linked 52: Simple

This month I was struggling to thing of what to take. And I have been struggling with parenting. And then they cameView full post »

15 on the 15th (April)

Well sorry I went missing but last week was crazy and then our internet got cut out so I when I had time IView full post »

10 on Tuesdsay

1. It’s a week off school and Oliver loves having the big kids home. 2. Finally spring-ish weather. YIPEE! 3. WeView full post »

Seven People Twelve Times March

I am doing a project where each month I capture our family doing something or being somewhere together. You can see myView full post »

Eli’s Dragon

When Norah was born it had a different effect on each member of our family. One of the most interesting to watch hasView full post »

15 on the 15th (March)

Another 15th passed and I had fun capturing my day 🙂 Tracy did it too… go check out her pages here. If you wantView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. I am back to my pre Norah pregnancy weight. Which is a little exciting….. But I’m NOT at my pre OliverView full post »

10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday)

1. I wanted to post the last two days… but i have two small kids who seem to be preventing that. 2. Ever triedView full post »