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As we are with You: 09-16

My monthly link up with photography friends. Now go check out my photographer friends as they get in front of theView full post »

As we are with You: 08-16

I’m really enjoying my kids as they get bigger. We can do more together, including work 🙂 Now go check out myView full post »

As we are, with you: 03-16

Month three of my year long challenge to get into more photos with my kids. I’m playing along with friends thisView full post »

Living a Life 11/15

I think there are two camps of parents of trick or treaters. Those who ration their kids candy after and those whoView full post »

Living a Life: 7/15

This month I was in charge of an Evan’s family reunion. Evan’s is my grandma’s maiden name. SoView full post »

15 on the 15th (and Living a Life)

So I got a little confused about what I was doing today. I thought I was taking pictures today for my Living Life andView full post »

Living A life

I’m starting a new photo project this year with photography friends. I love all these ladies photography and soView full post »

5 on the 5th – December

It’s the 5th of December so I’m linking up with some photog buddies. (totally late but shhhh I’m justView full post »

5 on the 5th: October

It’s the 5th and that means 5 pictures and a photo link up with friends. So here are my 5. Oliver and his cousinView full post »

5 on the 5th

I love photography projects. I think they are helpful in keeping things fun and fresh and helping me to keep improvingView full post »

Linke 2013: Family life

This weeks theme works perfectly with something I’ve been meaning to blog about. We had a get together in BC forView full post »

Linked 2013: Comfort

I was supposed to upload this Friday…but I spaced out and forgot!! Every day after his nap, Oliver needs a littleView full post »

Linked 52: Texture

Well I am still working on Oliver’s room… and this is something that is going to hang in there. I thoughtView full post »

Linked 52: On the shelf

Are the angels singing or WHAT? I finally got my act together again and got back on the linked bandwagon. 🙂 I do inView full post »

Linked 52: Spice

I think many things in the kitchen are beautiful! And as I was thinking about spice for this week I was thinking of theView full post »