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Linked 52: Defeat

Well I am throwing my hands up in defeat… since I could NOT figure out what to shoot for this word. And I am notView full post »

Linked 52: Shadows

Well I went for something totally different for me this week. And really that is kind of the point of this linkedView full post »

Linked 52: Water

A week or so ago we had a ward (church congregation) party at a fabulous camp ground close to where I live. There is aView full post »

Linked 52: Summer

Summer means swimming lessons and since we just finished them… here are the three oldest kids in theirView full post »

Linked 52: Family

I was going to do a shot of my OWN family but my kids were NOT cooperating… And you know how it is when you handView full post »

Linked 52: Red, White & Blue

Well I changed this a bit to be red and white. Since that is Canada colors. The Saturday closest to July 1st alwaysView full post »

Linked 52: Swing

Well…. we haven’t really been to a park when I have my camera lately. But then this is swinging…View full post »

Linked 52: Party

Yep totally missed last week! Because I was busy with this. The party. We planned a 40th Wedding Anniversary Party forView full post »

Linked 52: Temptation

I love to bake and cook. Like love, love to do it. I pretty much bake something a couples days a week…. if notView full post »

Linked 52: Anger

Well this week’s theme had me stumped. I had NO idea what to shoot. But then as I was thinking about it more IView full post »

Linked 52: Up

Well a week went by and I didn’t post a thing. Oh well 🙂 This week’s theme totally made me think of thisView full post »

Linked 52: Mother

This week’s post I thought I’d share a few shots of my own mother. I was asked to take a couple pictures ofView full post »

Linked 52: Trees

I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately. Some things that are weighing me down a bit. I am sure I am in a bitView full post »

Linked 52: Growth

First off, if you haven’t entered my contest, it’s the post below so go check it out!   And afterView full post »

Linked 52: Planning

Well I was kind of stuck when I first read this prompt. I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.View full post »