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As we are, with you: 03-16

Month three of my year long challenge to get into more photos with my kids. I’m playing along with friends thisView full post »

Lucy at 10

This is my lovely Lucy at 10. None of my other kids love to have their picture taken, but she does. So for part of herView full post »

Lesson on Motherhood: Giving Gifts

A month or so ago it was our anniversary. I was going about my day trying to get my list done, trying to get thingsView full post »

Back to School 2015

Last year I started the new family tradition of a Back to School Feast. This tradition was started by the totallyView full post »

5 Minutes with two Sisters

I love to see Norah and Lucy and their relationship grow. It started when Norah was first born.  As they have grown itView full post »

5 on the 5th – Nov

It’s the 5th again. So I’m sharing 5 photos (and maybe one more) and linking up with some photog buddies.View full post »

Lucy at 9

I’m grateful for Lucy. She is such a great daughter. And I love that she loves to let me take herView full post »

Lucy’s World Fair Birthday Party

I love throwing little girl parties!! They are so up for anything! This party I could have kept going for 5 hours! ButView full post »


We just spent a few days in Montana with some cousins. My kids really are lucky that they get to see cousins from bothView full post »

15 on the 15th – Aug

First off I have to say Happy Anniversary to Regan. It’s 14 years today that we got married. And what a lovelyView full post »

An evening at the Lake

Grandma and Grandpa Steed have a  boat. And one evening we all went out to the lake. And we invited two Davis cousinsView full post »

5 Minutes

On the trampoline with my kids. These are the moments I want to capture of my kids. In 20 years, these small simpleView full post »

Wooden Peg Dolls

My 8 year old daughter loves to craft. (I wonder where she gets it from….) I often will just set out supplies andView full post »

15 on the 15th: May

As with every month you can check out my friend Tracy’s day over here and if you join us doing this I’dView full post »

5 Minutes

In the Snow with Lucy.     I love that she’ll just come and do this with me pretty much whenever IView full post »