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Mom Story

I grew up with a very loving mother. In fact, I remember being little and thinking sometimes that my mother wasView full post »

As we Are, With you: 10/16

The end of a weekend of my hubby being on call is the hardest for me. I feel very done with parenting. Especially whenView full post »

Self Portraits in Motherhood: The littlest

She’s my youngest and so we’re both holding onto those last few baby things. The soother, theView full post »

As we are, with you: 02-16

I’m playing along with friends this year capturing myself in pictures with my kids. Last month was here. My goalView full post »

5 Great Children’s Books about Love

It’s getting close to valentine’s day this week. Some people love the day and some hate it. I thinkView full post »

Spiritual Sundays: Recharging our light

Two of my boys share a room. And at ages 4 and 7 they both feel the need to sleep with some sort of a nightlight.View full post »

As we are, with you: 01-16

Each year I participate with some photography friends in a year long project. Last year it was based on Living a Life.View full post »

Lesson on Motherhood: Giving Gifts

A month or so ago it was our anniversary. I was going about my day trying to get my list done, trying to get thingsView full post »

Chelsea is having a baby

Last week I shared a whole lot of my own pictures. And this week I’ve got to catch up on recent photo shoots (andView full post »

Dear Norah

Dear Norah, You are at such a fun little age now! You are 2 and a half and so so cute. Your sweet little voice is softView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day: What Motherhood Looks like

A few months ago I posted a collection of photos that I took depicting motherhood. Well for weeks after that I keptView full post »

Capturing one moment in time

I was going through my photos this past week and editing them. Sometimes I get behind on the editing just because ofView full post »

Lessons on Motherhood: Why I want my kids to fail

There are lots of things that are different now for kids than when I grew up. The Internet is a big one thatView full post »

Lessons in Motherhood: Find Pockets of Joy

I read this fabulous post the other day from the lovely Stephanie Nielson about motherhood and it really reached outView full post »

What Motherhood looks like.

This past weekend I did a talk for a group of women, Women’s Conference, in our town and stake. I like publicView full post »