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5 Minutes + 3 Cousins + a Plate of Noodles

It’s been a while since I did one of my 5 Minute projects. Which essentially is taking 5 minutes to capture yourView full post »

Cat Birthday Party: Norah at 4

Norah turned 4. And she (mostly because of her older siblings ideas) decided that she needed a birthday party withView full post »

Norah at 4

This lovely little girl turns 4 today. I still remember very vividly realising that we were pregnant. I had a nineView full post »

As we Are, With you: 10/16

The end of a weekend of my hubby being on call is the hardest for me. I feel very done with parenting. Especially whenView full post »

Norah at 3.5

I love capturing my own kids the most. And some times I just don’t get around to it. I found this cutest dressView full post »

5 Minutes with Bubbles

A few years ago I started a project inspired by a great blog called called the 5 minute project. I still love theView full post »

As we are, with you: 05-16

This monthly project to be IN pictures with my kids is a great one for me. And Important. And I would hope that youView full post »

5 Minutes with Norah and a Baby

You know there is something so sweet about a little girl with a baby doll. Norah’s cousin left a baby doll hereView full post »

As we are, with you: 04-16

Before we left to Mexico (that’s where we were last week when crickets were chirping around here 😉 I knew myView full post »

As we are, with you: 03-16

Month three of my year long challenge to get into more photos with my kids. I’m playing along with friends thisView full post »

Self Portraits in Motherhood: The littlest

She’s my youngest and so we’re both holding onto those last few baby things. The soother, theView full post »

As we are, with you: 02-16

I’m playing along with friends this year capturing myself in pictures with my kids. Last month was here. My goalView full post »

As we are, with you: 01-16

Each year I participate with some photography friends in a year long project. Last year it was based on Living a Life.View full post »

5 Minutes Strawberry Picking

Apparently the whole time we were off galavanting in France (it’s still crazy to me that we even DID it andView full post »

5 Minutes with two Sisters

I love to see Norah and Lucy and their relationship grow. It started when Norah was first born.  As they have grown itView full post »