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5 Minutes + 3 Cousins + a Plate of Noodles

It’s been a while since I did one of my 5 Minute projects. Which essentially is taking 5 minutes to capture yourView full post »

As we are with You: 09-16

My monthly link up with photography friends. Now go check out my photographer friends as they get in front of theView full post »

5 Minutes with Bubbles

A few years ago I started a project inspired by a great blog called called the 5 minute project. I still love theView full post »

As we are, with you: 04-16

Before we left to Mexico (that’s where we were last week when crickets were chirping around here 😉 I knew myView full post »

As we are, with you: 03-16

Month three of my year long challenge to get into more photos with my kids. I’m playing along with friends thisView full post »

As we are, with you: 02-16

I’m playing along with friends this year capturing myself in pictures with my kids. Last month was here. My goalView full post »

As we are, with you: 01-16

Each year I participate with some photography friends in a year long project. Last year it was based on Living a Life.View full post »

Living a Life 10/15

I have vivid memories of doing fun things (and some naughty things with my cousins when I was a kid. MemoriesView full post »

5 Minutes Strawberry Picking

Apparently the whole time we were off galavanting in France (it’s still crazy to me that we even DID it andView full post »

Oliver’s Puppy Birthday Party

I decided last week to throw together a little party for Oliver. It’s his birthday on the 15th and Regan and IView full post »

Living a Life

    Last week when I was out driving with my two littles I saw these lovely lilac bushes. I flippedView full post »

My Threenager

Dear Oliver, You are the midst of the threes and wow, you are tough. When you are happy, you are so happy. Your smileView full post »

5 Minutes with some Paints

Some days things can change rather quickly…. especially with two toddlers. This day was one of those days. It wasView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. I think January and February are hard months in Canada. The coldness gets old and the inability to go outsideView full post »

5 Minutes with Norah and Oliver

Oliver is often not an independent child. In fact, he likes things being done for him. I often think it is becauseView full post »