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Why a salad is $7 and a Burger is $1

I share a lot of recipes and talk about food. But today I’m sharing something a little bit different.View full post »

15 on the 15th – Aug

First off I have to say Happy Anniversary to Regan. It’s 14 years today that we got married. And what a lovelyView full post »

15 on the 15th (June)

This month the 15th ended up being Father’s Day. Every Father’s Day I try to take a picture of each childView full post »

13 Years

Today we have been married 13 years. 13 things I think about marriage : 1. We got married in the temple. But we goView full post »

Spiritual Sundays

“Fathers, by divine decree, you are to preside over your family units. This is a sobering responsibility and the mostView full post »

Why my husband is so awesome

How’s that for a good topic for a blog post? I’ve been thinking lately about how I am married to a reallyView full post »

Seven People Twelve Times March

I am doing a project where each month I capture our family doing something or being somewhere together. You can see myView full post »

15 on the 15th (March)

Another 15th passed and I had fun capturing my day 🙂 Tracy did it too… go check out her pages here. If you wantView full post »


Well more like found…. I was looking around on my ipad and found this that i forgot to share. Regan wrote thisView full post »

BlogJack (like hijack but on a blog)

I haven’t really noticed but apparently Rhonda hasn’t been blogging as much lately.  I’m sure theView full post »

10 On Tuesday

For this week’s 10 on Tuesday I thought I’d share 10 random pictures from lately that I love. 1. He lovesView full post »

34 Things about Regan

Since today is Regan’s Birthday I thought I’d do a list of 34 things I love about him. (that’s howView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1. Phew. Didn’t post for a few days hey? Well thats how the summer goes 🙂 2. Got my new patio furniture. And itView full post »

Foto Friday: Our Year in Photos

Month 6 Week 1: Best Friends For the first week of each month we’ll focus relationships. My kids have beenView full post »

Listography: List 73: The Best Things About Being Married

1. Being married to my best friend who gives me support in all areas of my life: emotionally, spiritually,View full post »