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DIY Graphic Heart Lap Quilt (& A Giveaway!)

Today I’m sharing another quick little Valentine’s project. Now to start out with, I am NOT a professionalView full post »

Do you wanna build a Snowman Bag?

Sometimes (or more correctly lots of times) Lucy gets these ideas in her head of things she wants to do. I have lotsView full post »

In the Craft Room: The Lucy Apron

So this Apron. This was what the party guests that came to Lucy’s Bake Shop Party got instead of a gift bag. IView full post »

The Ruffly Purse

So I made this a week or so ago and hadn’t taken a picture to share it with you yet. It’s my new purse IView full post »

In the Craft Room: Eli’s Crib Pocket

This is a snapshot into Eli’s room. It was already this marvelous color when we moved in. And I just happened toView full post »

DIY Necklace & Shirt

I thought I’d share some of the craftiness I’ve been enjoying around here. Made necklaces for YoungView full post »

In the Craft Room: a Fancy Camera Strap (aka Camera Dress) & one to Giveaway!

This is a SUPER easy craft! Seriously just straight sewing (or relatively close to straight!) 🙂 You need two strips ofView full post »

In the Craft Room: The Ruffly Apron and a GIVEAWAY!

Since making the ruffly apron for Lucy’s friend Amy’s birthday, I decided to make an adult version. And IView full post »

In the Craft Room: Alden’s Church Bag

Lots of you loved Lucy’s church bag (as seen here). (Thanks!) Well this guy has been bugging me for a few weeksView full post »

In the Craft Room: The Ruffle Apron

Lucy was invited to a birthday party. And I had been at the store and totally forgot to get a present for it. AndView full post »

In the Craft Room: Fabric Lunch Bag

So two weeks ago I come upstairs and smell plastic burning. I say to Alden “what is that smell?” HeView full post »

In the Craft Room: Creative organizer Idea #1

Over the next few weeks I’ll show you how to make something you could use for a creative organizer for your blogView full post »

In the Craft Room: The Church Bag

My kids spend the time in Sacrament Meeting at church drawing in notebooks. They listen and draw. And I like it.View full post »