Teesha and Dallin are getting married

We had planned to go to Waterton for their engagements but the weather was not co-operating. It was snowing and doing all kinds of nutty things in Waterton and raining in Lethbridge. And then just before we took pictures the clouds parted and we had a bit of sun. Not a ton. Just enough to capture each these two and their love.

They love to play basketball together, go on hikes, play tennis and hang out with family.

They met each other a year ago when he came back from BYU and have been practically dating ever since.

Teesha’s favourite date was when they painted pictures at Henderson lake, which ended up being where he proposed later too.

They are totally affectionate with each other and totally romantic with each other. It’s lovely. I love romantic couples.

This is one of my favourite shots from the whole session. Lovely light and a great looking couple!
Southern Alberta Wedding Photography | Just RhondaTheir wedding will be lots of fun!

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