1. I HAD to go take a picture tonight of the sunset. It was so pretty. By the time I actually got out on my own it was -35 degrees C out and I was shaking from the cold and the light was almost gone… but I got it.
jan31 - The sunset

2. There is NOTHING that annoys me more than when my kids are eating and they don’t eat all their supper and are crying to be done and then right before bed they ask for a snack cause they are hungry. NOTHING.

3. I am totally doing my 365 pictures this year. But instead of stressing myself out by trying to post them on a whole other blog, I am just putting them up on flickr and then sharing some here and there on my blog. Like these ones….
jan 31-2 - Bread Baking
jan30 - the Sad Face
jan28 - the Gift

4. I love the show White Collar. Anyone else???

5. I am NOT A fan of this weather we have all of a sudden again. -30? BOO on that!!!!

6. Some brought me flowers a few weeks ago as a hostess gift at Ukrainian Christmas. And I really enjoyed them all. And taking pictures of them too!
jan18- Gift

7. I got a scensey (and I know I am behind the times) but I am loving it!! Makes my house smell all purdy and stuff!

8. Today is my SIL Jen’s birthday today and my friend Kelly’s yesterday. Love them both! Wish I got to see them both MORE!

9. I am always behind on housework lately. It’s kind of depressing. And speaking of that I need to go clean up the kitchen! (Probably since I made bread and muffins today.)

10. I really struggled coming up with 10 things…. hmmm maybe I should switch it to Two or Three on tuesday. ūüėČ