1. I needed a break last week. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed about things. Lots on my plate and things aren’t moving how I wish they were. Equals stress.

2. I am having trouble sleeping. And not just Eli. I am having trouble going back to sleep after he wakes me up. And I HATE that.

3. Regan has two call days as a resident left. Today and Saturday. CRAZY.

4. um… did you mention you wanted to buy my house? GREAT. please do!

5. Dad’s day came and left and I didn’t post about how truly wonderful Regan is. Really such a good good good good dad. We made him a fun gift, I’ll take pictures of it and post it asap!

6. End of school has so many stinking things to go too!

7. I hate clothing with cartoon characters on it.

8. The last two Saturdays I have shot 8 hour weddings. And I feel so much more tired after being pregnant! Such different and fun weddings though. With WICKED good food!! And two Saturdays ago I had an e-session too. My favorite shot from it.
Tracy and Scott
9. I have had lots of shoots lately. So go check out my photo blog!!

10. I love fruit lately. Like a LOT. Like I can’t stop eating it. ooh and honey greek yogurt. mmmmmm