This past weekend I made the trek to Medicine Hat with two friends Megan and Mandy. It was so fun hanging out. The crafting ahead kind of stressed me out. So next time, just a weekend away with two friends where we go shopping (or maybe we should start crafting AHEAD of two weeks before the show!
This is a pile of the stuff I made, besides the wood stuff we made together.
I made monsters based on Alden’s drawings.
Crayon Rolls
Little dolls (which Eli loved and he still sleeps with one)
A felt mitten garland
Some cute bags
Piles of aprons. For moms and for girls
Christmas Art – framed or unframed
So that was about it.
Here is a picture from our booth – horrible light in there to take a picture and Mandy and Meg might hate it… but oh well ūüôā hahahaha
The Craft Booth
No I did not sell it all.
Yes it was fun.
If I ever did it again, I’d totally do baking!