It’s the time of year to think about school and preschool for next year.

Lucy and Alden are both born in October. We waited with Alden and put him in so he was one of the oldest in his class. And now I am seeing how good of a decision that was. He just flat out would have struggled in grade one a year ago! But now he is having success.

Alden said very little until he was about 3. Lucy on the other hand started talking in 2 to 3 word sentences at like 15 months.
She could count to ten by herself when she was 18 months old. (i have no idea where she picked it up as I really didn’t teach it to her). She hasn’t stopped talking or learning since then. Even when you think she isn’t paying attention, she IS! She is eating up everything around her.
I have been wondering about putting her in kindergarten or not for a while. When we move to Raymond in a couple years, the cut off for kindergarten is September, where as in Lethbridge it is Dec. So if we already lived there she wouldn’t even make the cut off. So i’ve been talking about it with my mom, Regan, my SIL’s, and Lucy’s preschool teacher (Melina).
Well this past week Melina tested Lucy to see if she was ready to go to kindergarten. She got every thing right on that test. She knew all her letters upper and lower case, can write her name and recognize it (she can write Eli, Mom and dad too) she knows her numbers up til 15, her colors, and her shapes. Melina said “she blew the test out of the water.”

Last week Lucy came upstairs and said to me “mom, can you teach me to read?”
So we’ve started having school time at home. Every day she asks as soon as she gets up if we can work on reading. In some ways I am not really sure what to do, since when I had tried to do all this with Alden when he was this age and he HATED it. (Goes to show you how different these two kids are!)

So now each day we are having a letter of the day and making crafts with them.
A is for Alligator
B is for Bee (and bad lighting in this pic but here it is!)
Practicing her writing of B’s
practicing her cutting by cutting out her B

I found a whole bunch of great blogs and sites online that give ideas (i did NOT think of these myself!!) Isn’t the net great ūüėČ

I’ll keep working with Lucy and see where she wants to go with this all, no pressure, just fun and who knows maybe we’ll have two reading kids this year!