Today I’m sharing these little blocks. They are Lovebots. Well, at least that’s what I came up with. I originally saw these super cute Robot blocks that were on the Anthropologie website (which apparently seems to be the same place I seem to get a lot of my ideas lately… like this and this.) and I had gotten some blocks forever ago to make some of my own and then never got around to it. Then some how in my brain they transformed into a Valentine’s day thing. So here they are.



LovebotBlocks-9All you do is print off the two pages of printables from here and here and the modge podge them to some 1.75″ blocks. That’s the whole craft. It’s like, SUPER tricky. I mean stressful. My kids have been playing with these little blocks quite a bit. Oliver was fascinated by the whole thing and sat on my lap most of the time I was making them and telling my which colors to use. (Although he told me I didn’t use Red enough because that’s the “best” color.)



Just an easy little Valentine’s day craft, that’s pretty much too easy to CALL a craft…. but I will anyways.


Easy + cute = Winner. 😉

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