Welcome to the world Baby Walker

I’ve taken a bit of a break from photography because I’ve been building a house! And we’re almost done. And I intent to share a lot of stuff on here about it. The designing and as I decorate it. And lots of great house info.


But for now, here is a sweet brand new baby boy. My lovely friend Micah from Micah Maria Photography called me and needed me to fill in for her (she had sick kids) with this lovely brand new baby at the hospital. And it’s been a while since I did a brand new baby and I was so so happy to be able to go and do it.

It’s always lovely to be with a new mom and dad and see them as they get to know their sweet little one that has joined their family.

There is something magical about the seeing the new little one in the hospital room too. A certain sense of specialness from the newness of it all. 

Walker was so so calm. Just completely relaxed and so was his lovely momma (who looked AMAZING for having just had a baby the night before!)

Look at that sweet little profile! What a beautiful baby he is.

Momma Mackenzie is quite a talented lady. She makes beautiful earrings, necklaces and other beautiful pieces at the Vintage Spoon.

As my kids get older, it’s especially fun for me to spend time with brand new little one like this sweet boy.

Huge, huge congrats to the Winterton family on this beautiful baby’s arrival.

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