At our house I gave up forcing my kids what I wanted them to wear years ago. There are many battles to choose between as a parent and this is NOT one I have chosen to fight. As long as the kids will let me, yes I will pick out their clothes, but I’m not going to fight anybody about it. I still do buy them so I get most of the input in there (cause I do it without them around ;))

Lucy has gone through some delightful stages of dressing herself.  When she was 2 and a bit she was determined to wear some purple wings and a purple dress up skirt EVERYWHERE. As long as she didn’t wear them to church, who cares. She really did wear them everywhere we went. And it was funny how many older people stopped to talk to her about how beautiful she was in them (which I loved but hated because I didn’t really want anyone encouraging her to keep doing it but it was so cute to see how proud she was when someone noticed.)  She went through a hat stage (always had to have a toque or something on her head), the crown and plastic high heels, the wings and purple skirt, that over the top princess dress, the funny glasses and the top that actually went with the purple skirt, the pink tutu, her swimming suit, that feather bow thing that she loved to wear over top of all kinds of things and she loved to wear that birthday shirt long after it was her birthday. (And it was awesome when people would wish her happy birthday WAY past her birthday. hahaha)

More recently Lucy has decided that she wants to match. We’ve gone over what colors go together and all kinds of things like that but one day she came upstairs exasperated and said “Mom, I just don’t think I’m good at matching what goes together.” I told her I’d help her and we moved on. I was telling this to a friend a  couple days later and I was saying I should just take pictures of the outfits and she said something like I’m surprised you haven’t!

So fast forward to this past week on Saturday afternoon we collected all the clean clothes she had (some were missing cause they were dirty) and we made outfits together. I hung them on the wall in the same spot over and over and took pictures of each. Then I added 2 on a 4×6 and got them printed.

Then I ran them through the little laminator I have and we hung them up. They are on the back of her wall and she can pick out what to wear. She loves it! And I love that she wanted to do it and that I get some input into her outfits!

This very much was a solution to a problem around our house. And as she grows out of the clothes we’ll retake and adjust. And maybe sometime in the future she’ll decide she doesn’t need help to match and that’ll be great. But until then, she can pick one off here.

And  on a completely different note, when I was looking for old pictures of Lucy in her funny outfits I found some of my old favorite pictures.

Do you let your kids pick their own clothes?