I usually post food on Wednesdays… but it’s been a busy week and I just haven’t gotten around to photographing anything I cooked or baked. So instead, I’m sharing a whole bunch of pictures from Waterton. It’s such a lovely place. And yesterday I woke up thinking about when the next time I would get to go to waterton. So I decided to head up there while all the big kids were at school and Regan was at work with just Norah and Oliver. We took a picnic and it was seriously SO nice. I love love love days like it was. We just enjoyed all of the beauty and watching the mountain goats was totally amazing too. They were totally performing for us. Such a good morning.

First up though, on the way there i had to stop just outside of Magrath because this shot seemed to sum up southern Alberta to me. Mountains, Fields, Grain elevators and windmills all in one shot.

And of course Old Chief and a gravel road. Classic Southern Alberta!

Now on to Waterton!





Have i mentioned I love that place?