We love Waterton. We try to go often. It’s so close and it’s so lovely. Well Thanksgiving Monday was all the things we LOVE about Waterton! Before we went I made quick little “journals” for the kids to do on the way and there. I literally took 5 minutes. I just folded some paper in half and then sewed down the middle to make a little book. One for Alden, Lucy & Eli. Here’s a picture with Alden’s cover and one of the pages from Lucy’s already done.

Here are some favorite pages from the inside from Alden & Lucy’s. It took me 5 minutes to make (our printer was out of ink or else I would have made them on the computer quick to print out… but maybe that’s good cause I could have spent more time making them and instead I did it fast and we just used them.)

Here are the kids using the books…

And here are some shots from my “real” camera and both Regan & my iPhones. (Let’s see if you can figure out what comes from which phone ūüôā )


One of the kids favorite parts is ALWAYS roller coster road. Here’s what it looks like outside…..

And here’s what it looked like inside the van…

Truly one of my very favorite places on earth with my favorite people.