A week or so ago I was participating in a project originating and led by the amazing Ali Edwards called Week in the Life where we document our daily lives and at the end we will create a small album that documents our week. I ended up going on vacation at the end of the week so I never shared my Saturday or Sunday photos. So today, I’m sharing Saturday. I really enjoyed this whole project for a few reasons. One being I ended up with a whole lot of images of my family in every day life. I also loved that it challenged me. But the third day I was struggling to take pictures since I had been doing it for a couple of days but I pulled through and kept going. I definitely took more on some days but that doesn’t bother me at all. I’m happy with the whole thing and now I am trying to pull together my album. I’m already started on Monday. But for today, here was our Saturday when we were driving to BC. Documenting a day in the car? Tricky!


Most days Oliver comes in our room early and upset. I wonder if as he grows he will continue to be grumpy when he first wakes up. This morning he was fixated on this hat. I don’t know where he found it but he came in upset that he couldn’t get the hat on right. He wanted it this certain way and finally he got it. And me taking a picture of him getting it didn’t help the whole mood thing. 😉

Some days we get a morning snuggle. Sixth picture like this this week.

Most days he has mini wheats for breakfast. Some days he asks for oatmeal. Some days he insists on “making it myself”.

Most days he eats two bowls of honey nut Cheerios.

Some days we go off on adventures. Today it was off to Kelowna BC for a family vacation. Some days I drive and Some days Regan drives. But most days both of us take turns when the other gets sleepy.

Most days  Oliver loves being out of the house and going places.

Most days we honk our horn in tunnels and the kids love it. Some days we forget and one of the kids will start yelling “HONK, HONK, HONK!”

Most days when we go on trips we try and get the kids to read books and do other things besides watching screens. Most days we eventually give in and enjoy the quietness in the van with a movie going.

Most days we drive long distances I like to read a good book. Finished this one on vacation (plus another one).

Most days we have to stop and take pit stops. Some days lately that ends in Oliver pooping his pants and then pulling it down and getting it all over the bathroom on the side of the road and having to use almost a whole package of wipes to clean it up. Most days that makes me mad.

Most days a little bit of exploring in nature helps put us all in a better place. So we did that. Right after everyone used the bathroom and the whole poop and Oliver bathroom fiasco. We found a little path by the road and went off to investigate.

Most days she wants mom. And on this day, she decided on her own that she was big and only used the toilet. So she never had a single accident the whole trip.

Most days lately these two are playing together. This time they were copying each other and Norah was giggling as Lucy chased her.

Most days lately I am amazed at how tall and skinny this oldest boy of mine is.

Some days Oliver is REALLY into having his picture taken. Some days I let Alden use the camera. This day together they got some hilarious pictures.

Some days I get really frustrated when something small doesn’t work. Like getting the keys out of the topper. Regan and all the kids except Alden had already gone into the woods and I could not for the life of me get it out. I had to stop and sit down and take a breather. I am SURE that it was because I was already at the end of my rope because I had just cleaned up the whole poop disaster and was just feeling upset. Regan eventually had to come back and it took him two seconds.

Most days Lucy will pose for me no matter where we are.

Most days Norah wants me to hold her but she will be in picture if I am close.

Most days when I am in nature I LOVE looking up to the sky. It gives me perspective and a feeling of being small. I love it.

Most days when I set up the timer to take a picture and announce that we are doing a family shot someone will cry. Most days lately it is Eli. Some days I keep retaking it until no one is doing goofy things. Some days I just take what I can get.

We made it there late and put everyone to bed quickly. And that was our Saturday.

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There are lots of people playing along with this and you can see more if you go over to Ali’s blog. After I capture my week I’ll be putting my album together and sharing it.