Week in the Life (2017): Monday Photos + Words

I’ve participated before in a week long documentation of our lives through a project called Week in the Life spearheaded by the Amazing Ali Edwards. It always a fun project to do that captures our lives right now. I’ve shared some of my albums I’ve done, but not all. I’m going to try and actually share it all this year when I finish it. but we’ll see! HA! For today, here is our Monday thru photos and words. I’ll use a lot of this straight in my album. This week is different in that it’s Easter break for us and we have an friend staying with us cause his parents are travelling in Europe (lucky!).

7:44am: Breakfast is eaten at multiple times around here. 90% of it is cereal. Some kids eat 2 or even 3 bowls at different times. Today Norah had one. And she is still wearing around the unicorn horn she got from her cousins birthday yesterday.

8:26am// Since today is a Screen day (days when kids can use screens) they start  asking as soon as they are up. Eli’s already asked 3 times today. I actually told them in 8 hours and Norah misunderstood and told them I said at 8. And I just let it go today. We are on vacation. Moana is a current favourite for all the kids.

8:45am// Dad is eating a breakfast before going off to work. Smoothies and left over Pain Au Chocolat for the win.

10:24am: He just needed some snuggles and he just climbed on my lap and snuggled in. He is a kid who needs this sometimes still and I’m happy to do it.

10:26am: We have a bunch of card packs for a game we love and my kids lately have been into card tricks. Trying to perfect ones they know, trying to make up new ones. Sometimes they work out well and sometimes they are so funny because they don’t.

10:48am// Eli is a social kid and asks for friends as soon as he’s up. There are a lot of street friends gone or doing their morning work so he can’t find anyone satisfactory to play with so I told him to collect sticks and we would make bows and arrows and swords to play with. We made them and shortly after he abandoned them to do something else.

10:58am// More card tricks. Even Oliver is into them. I’ve been thinking I should get a book for them all that teaches more of them. They’d all love it.

11:17am// I bought some stuff to make Terrariums for Lucy and me last week at Peavy Mart. And as soon as we started Eli and Oliver were both interested. Ollie just wanted to watch and Eli wanted to make one too. So we found a different container and he made one too.

11:35am// Kicked them all outside and they usually end up here, bouncing.

11:39am// Cousins showed up to play with. One for Ollie and one for Norah. And that made them both happy.

12:17pm// Trying to pretend they weren’t using screens again and totally being caught. Teenagers 😉

12:56pm// She spent a LOT of time reading today. A three book set plus various other things like this little mini album about last summer.

1:10pm// Lunch today was two kinds of salad. Potato (have to use up all these eggs around here) and Caesar.

1:27pm// I made the big teenagers go “roll eggs” which pretty much meant they went to a field and threw eggs I’m sure. But it got them out of the house and outside. They biked to the store too for Snow Bobs and rode around town.

1:55pm// Working on Kaiser rolls for dinner tonight.

2:14pm// She was feeling bummed when she came home from playing down the street so I suggested she could colour more on the eggs we have sitting around. That kept her busy and having fun for a while.

3:11pm// Boys are back and so we worked on the puzzle a bit. Alden got it from the Easter bunny. He really didn’t do much on it, instead it was mostly Kolt and me and Lucy. It was really hard and a great project for us to work on.

4:11pm// Singing Moana songs for us while we work on the puzzle.

5:22pm// Almost there!

6:14pm// I got caught up puzzling and didn’t get dinner ready yet. HA! Guess it is holidays! Finishing touches for the buns to go into the oven for Epic Sandwiches for dinner.

6:47pm: Just getting all our toppings for our sandwiches ready to go. Kids are running around and no one is crying for food so it’s okay we are running behind schedule.

7:01pm// As soon as dad picks up his Ukelele somebody runs to play on the drum with him. I love it.

7:16pm// Finally getting to supper. Loaded or Epic Sandwiches on fresh Kaiser rolls. Kids were mostly happy about it. We had a great chat around the table all together. I love it when the stars align for supper time.

8:06pm// Kitchen clean up. Everyone helped but he was hiding in the other room so everyone else got to be done and he had to finish it all.

8:11pm// Cereal before bed. He starts and ends the day with the same thing.

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