Week in the Life (2017): Tuesday Photos + Words

Tuesday looked like this:

7:35am: Trying to sleep in and not working out so well with these two around. 😉

9:29am: These two finally getting up and eating breakfast.

9:43am: Smoothie moustaches are always a hit around here. Oliver especially loves his.

10:17am: Checking on the plants she helped plant yesterday. She wanted one to take care of, so this is the one.

10:19am: “Thank you mommy.” Always love how affectionate this one is to me!

10:23am: Random hilariousness with his mask. He just showed up, upstairs with it and he was walking around making people laugh.

11:48am: Going to check the mail is a great outing. Especially when you are wearing a lovely outfit like hers.

12:09pm: Slurpees. They’ve been asking for them a LOT lately and it’s kinda of funny. Lots of times I say no, but why not?!

12:50pm: Trying out some brioche cinnamon buns today. I’m constantly trying recipes over and over to see what I like best.

1:05pm: Lots of nerd wars going on around here. It’s a fun way for them to have fun. Trying to keep them off screens.

1:45pm: Oliver is loving to having friends over  to play lately. Karver and Bronson spent a lot of time playing in and out of the house. Lots of tramp basketball. 

2:27pm: She’s been in her room supposed to be cleaning it for over 2 hours. It’s not working out so well yet. She keeps getting sidetracked, as per usual when her cleaning room.

2:59pm: Dropped off the boys to go play golf. They love doing it and I love that they are doing it. Outside things are the best for them I think. It’s great we live in a small town where it’s cheap and available to do.

3:02pm: Found him as I was driving home from dropping off the boys. If it’s even a little nice out, he’s out roaming the streets looking for friends to play with.

3:13pm: Finished and looking tasty!

4:23pm: “Don’t worry mom, I can look up there easily.”

6:13pm: Making pizza for supper. My kids love it and I have fun trying various kinds. It’s one meal I know the kids will all love.8:15pm: “I need a superman to bed dad!” Her favourite way to travel to bed.

8:17pm: He’s too tired to walk. So he’s just laying there pretending to sleep, waiting for someone to pick him up and take him to bed.

8:28pm: Boys are home from Young mens. They did a nerd ward at the JR high and both were very excited to go. They had a lot of fun.

8:35pm: Trying to do more active things, Especially with Lucy. So we’re trying to walk outdoors after little kids go to bed.

9:20pm: Having some Cokes to remember Uncle Ryan on his birthday. He loved Coke and so every year on his birthday we drink and remember him. It is a great way to keep his memory alive. It’s been quite a few years now since he passed away but i love this little tradition.

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