Week in the Life (2017): Wednesday Photos + Words

Wednesday around here:

8:21am: He’s back from his morning run.

10:03am: “What, they totally match.” hahaha, close enough!

10:14am: Waiting in the van to leave, hoping that the big kids will hurry up. Every time we are leaving anywhere, he is the first in the van so that he can get the front seat. And he has often grabbed the van keys and started it too. I finally had to teach him to open the garage door because he is always starting the van.

11:09am: Finding snacks. We got together with two other families. Two good friends of mine that I love and today they met each other. It was awesome.

1:44pm: These two are such good friends and they had lots of fun running around together. They are totally out of control together and I think they love that together.

2:24pm: “Mom, can you just read this story right now please!”

2:40pm: Eli took the camera downstairs and took some pictures of the kids playing. I set the camera up with the proper settings so he could just shoot freely. Lots weren’t even in focus, but he did get some.

2:44pm: Eli took this of us as he came upstairs too. This is what we did most of the day, spent time talking about so many good things. I love being with women who fill me up and are so full of Gospel discussion.

3:55pm: Perhaps she’s learning from her watching her mother. 😉

5:03pm: Had to get a a shot of these lovely ladies with me together. Love these girls.

5:26pm: I often find him here eating cereal. We go through a LOT of cereal. It drives me crazy. And I’ve tried to stop it, but alas, I am constantly finding him here eating it.

6:27pm: Dad sharing pictures of Uncle Ryan with Lucy.

6:39pm: She’s writing a book. And I love it. “I’m not sure if it’s an adventure or a spooky one yet.”

6:47pm: I love to read books and I go thru spurts of reading them. Every once and a while I want an easy read.

6:52pm: Love catching stuff like this.

7:05pm: A little tramp basketball game going on.

7:35pm: Finally getting to supper. Fed the kids left overs so  that we could go out to eat after the kids are in bed. We had a great conversation tonight around the table. These times are so important to me. And I hope to the kids too.

8:22pm: We went out to eat at Browns Social house. And when I was talking to the waitress about a sandwich and asking about the bread. And she said it was on a hamburger bun. So I ordered it on lettuce as a wrap. When she walked away Regan said immediately ” I knew the minute she said hamburger bun that would never fly with you.” I started laughing. He knows me well. I’ve become a bread snob apparently. (probably more of a general food snob actually ;)) HA!

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