• trying out the new tent in the backyard (while Dad and Alden worked to set it up, Lucy came over to pose for me 🙂 ) the older two kids slept in our backyard with Regan one night and then in the backyard at G&G Steed’s another night
• had a Pioneer Primary party where I took vintage photos of all the kids
Vintage Alden
and they enjoyed ice cream in costumes
• had 8 photo shoots in the last two weeks. Two weddings, a vintage grad shoot (which was AWESOME), an engagement shoot, a group of 6 girl friends and and 2 family shoots. (not including the pioneer shoot I did for the Primary)
• Regan finished his 1st year of residency (yipee – we are half way done!)
• enjoyed some time in Waterton as a family
where Reg mountain biked down a mountain where he almost rode right into a black bear. Yep just him on his bike in the middle of know where with a bear on the trail. So he moved to the side of the trail and the bear walked on by (scary!)
(waterton was SERIOUSLY windy when we were there)
• had a group of people over for Chinese Food night – and had some people not show up that said they were coming (which always makes me feel a bit bad)
• celebrated Eli’s birthday with a little party where he did not touch his cake (second year in a ROW)…see Alden’s hands trying to make Eli look at the cake
Must eat CAKE
with his two bestest buddies – Sawyer and Owen (yes it was hard to get these three busy boys sitting looking at the camera)
Eli and his two bestest pals
• had three days of celebrations between Hill Spring and Raymond for first of July
• stayed up super late to many nights
• celebrated Grandma Steed’s, Brooke’s and Eli’s birthday with a joint birthday dinner
• editing editing and editing
• Alden finished up grade one
Last Day of grade 1
• enjoyed having Regan around since he took off the last 10 days
• reading lots of books – finished the Percy Jackson one (The Lightning Thief and the second book in the series)
• baking cakes and other treats
• having lots of fun