we were so happy to see these guys.

And I think they were quite happy to see us!

I am taking an online photo class right now that is 12 weeks long and pretty intense but oh so good so far. Lucy is my constant model. Alden’s often at school and Eli’s always running away from me as soon as the camera gets out. So it’s Lucy loo.

Isn’t her new dress I got in her SLC so CUTE???
And I think I can totally sew one like it now that I’ve looked at it closely!!

My favorite one of the bunch of her….

I am itching to shoot more stuff lately!! I need some more kiddos to let me practice on and some sunshine to shoot in!

AND I am going to participate in this dress sewing project called A Frock By Friday. Such a cute pattern. and it’s all free and there is help to learn to sew it. Win-Win-Win! ūüėČ

What are you up to??