How’s that for a good topic for a blog post? I’ve been thinking lately about how I am married to a really truly awesome guy. A few years before I met Regan I would have never thought I could be with a guy who is so… good. Just so good in so many ways. Daily I am thankful that through various experiences the Lord helped me realize how right we were for each other. And how He brought us together.

Regan is so, so kind. As in so kind that if he hates your guys you’d have no idea because he treats all people with kindness. Even when someone is openly unkind to him, he handles it with grace and wisdom. If I am ever upset (who me upset with someone…. never! 😉 ) with someone he often is reminding me of the right way to act or tries to help me see how they must be feeling. Helping me to show love to others even when I have trouble finding that in me right then.   Regan is so humble. Always trying to be better and do better. One of the very  very first things I loved about him.  One of the generalizations I hate the most about doctors is that they all have god complexes and are so full of themselves. Regan is a living example that that is so not true. He is always trying to learn more and be better at not only his job but in life too. He is sincere in his approach to people and to life. He knows he isn’t the best but he’s trying to be HIS best. Really that’s what all of us should be doing.

I always get a good laugh when people get to know Regan often they comment on how he is funny. When you first meet him, you often don’t realize his humor. Because he isn’t the center of attention, he doesn’t seek it out or need to be it. His humor will catch others off guard because they don’t think he’s going to be like that. But we have so much fun together. And it’s such a big part of our relationship that it always makes me smile when people see that thing that is so obvious to me. He is the one in our relationship that is more upbeat and positive. He brings the laughter to the kids and to me. He is a big goof. Dance parties and water fights in the house and all kinds of crazy shenanigans.

Regan is smart. Smart about a whole whack of things. Every day things to specific medical things. He would never ever say that he is smart, but I live with the man. And he is smart. He knows stuff. He often is sharing information with the kids and it cracks me up some of the conversations that they have. It’s so funny. Regan is a great husband. He is supportive of me and all my endeavors. When I was smaller I thought the role of a husband was to take care of me, but I thought in a way that I was like a helpless girl. (I even dated someone like that) But Regan takes care of me in an empowering way. In a “my wife can do anything” kind of way. And that is so much better. When I get in those woe-is-me-I-can’t-do-anything-right kind of moods, he often gently encourages me too see my faulty thinking and gives me a boost.

I’m just so proud of who he is. Recently someone sent him a facebook message telling him that he had made friends with someone who knew Regan. And how this person, who is of a different faith, was impressed with Regan. And how he stood by what he professed to believe.  Part of his message…. “it seems that a good portion of that respect seems to have been derived from her (and I suspect others) watching you remain true to those things which you profess to believe. One might conclude, then, that you were “An example of the Believers, in word, in deed”, etc. Well played, sir.” What a wonderful message to hear and I said a little hear, hear when I read it. I’m sure Regan will be a tad bit uncomfortable when he sees this. Maybe even kind of annoyed. He really doesn’t like attention drawn to him. But I want him and everyone else to know how truly fantastic he is. And how lucky I am to have him now and for eternity. I love him so much. He’s awesome 🙂