My 8 year old daughter loves to craft. (I wonder where she gets it from….) I often will just set out supplies and she will go to town. I decided that we should do a craft together. So I we made these.


They were so easy to make and you can get all the supplies easily if you don’t have them around.


  • Glue gun & glue
  • ribbon or felt (or both) for hair
  • Pen for the faces
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • A little bag to keep them in (or a cute container or even a ziplock bag!)



1. First step is making their clothes. For the girl’s skirts, we laid out two lengths of tape. Then you take a shorter one and put it on top of a longer one. This should go from their waist of the doll until as long as you want their skirt to be. I made them longer and then just trimmed them.

There are so many cute styles and patterns of Washi Tape available. You can buy it at Michael’s or online.  (And if you are looking going the Michael’s route then go get a coupon to use!) A new Etsy store I just found (thanks to a friend who is a friend of the owner) is this one called Willow and Washi located in Edmonton. (I like to support Canadian if I can!) If you have never heard of this Washi tape stuff then you can read all about what it is here.


You can also just make one long piece of tape and fold it in half. (I felt like I wasted more tape this way but it was easier to line up the pieces straight.)


2. Then you give the dolls a top. So just wrap it around the chest.



3. Add on your skirt pieces. The longer part that wasn’t covered with the shorter tape is the part that sticks to the waste. Add them on and trim them to the length you want.

4. Then add your ribbon or felt for hair. (I liked the ribbon better.) Just hot glue it on. And draw on your face.


5. That’s it. Oliver wanted a boy one, so this is my attempt at that.


I made the little bow out of washi tape too and just added it on the front. Apparently these two are getting married 😉

RLS_8377In my craft cupboard I just happened to have this little bag left over and so we traced some chipboard letters on top and drew around them with the pen. That’s where the little dolls are stored now.

Here are all the ones I made plus Lucy’s and a friend showed up while we were making these so she made some too!

easy_wooden_pegdollsThe girls decided to make pants and shoes. Lucy is 8 and Naomi is 6 and they both had fun. They both could do all of it except the gluing on of the hair with the glue gun which I did.


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