World Fair Party | Just RhondaI love throwing little girl parties!! They are so up for anything! This party I could have kept going for 5 hours! But I was smart and made it shorter. But it is totally adaptable for other activities. In fact I’ll make a list of other ideas that I think kids would think was really fun for a birthday party! First up, here is the invite I made:

World Fair Party Invite | Just Rhonda

Then here is the set up of the dessert table. I’ve used this door shelf thing I made for a few parties now and it works so perfect! A friend helped me haul it into the house and I set it up. Then after the party I promptly drug it back outside where it sits on my back deck! Perfect!

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda¬†Since this party wasn’t near any meals I just did treats, which really is right up Lucy’s alley ūüôā (She’s her mother’s daughter!) For Food we had fortune cookies, Poky (Japanese), Petit Four Cakes (French) and French Macarons that were Lemon and Orange Cream Marshmallow. I also made an Egyptian drink.

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda First up we made family flags. It was just something to keep them busy until everyone got here. I like having a little activity for kids to do while they wait for the other guests.

World Fair Party | Just RhondaThen we made Jewish Challah bread. I made the dough ahead of time and I taught the girls how to braid it and we put it on pans to rise.

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda

Then we started on an African Art Project but these really never got done! The glue took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to dry! I even tried blow drying them!!! Longer party and these would have been done!

World Fair Party | Just RhondaWorld Fair Party | Just Rhonda

Followed by the Mexican Hat Dance. The girls had soooo much fun with this!

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda

Then we played a couple of other fun games that we easy and I didn’t take any pictures of them! The 5 stones game from India¬†¬†and a game I totally made up called Coconut, Coconut, who’s got the coconut. I had bought three coconuts for food but then never ended up using them. ¬†I had the girls sit in a circle and then one girl would leave the room. Everyone still in the circle would pretend to hide the coconut but they couldn’t move from the circle. They had to hide it with their bodies. The girl would come back into the room and say “Coconut, Coconut, who’s got the coconut.” And then they got one guess who had it. It was easy and fun and kept them busy for quite a bit of time.

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda

Sparklers are fun but they sure make Lucy nervous!

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda


World Fair Party | Just RhondaSome of the other ideas that I had that would have worked really well for a birthday party:

That’s just the beginning of the activities and foods that you could totally use!! Tons of fun.

World Fair Party | Just Rhonda

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